Sunday, March 6, 2011

ESST Event: Dirt Documentary

The ESST students gathered last week to watch the documentary Dirt. It depicts the importance of dirt, as well as what role it plays in our everyday life. You can read more about it here.

Taryn, an ESST student wanted to share her experience about the documentary:

So the other day, My ESST buddies and I watched a documentary about Dirt! It was a great little film and made the night so much better! Most of us didn't know what to think about it when we talked about the week before in our meeting, but decided to watch it anyways. We all sat around and watched the story about dirt, what we are doing to it, and how we can care for it to make sure that it can live. The documentary had us all laughing and tearing up at times. It was a lot fun! hopefully we will be able to watch something else before exams! but who knows with everything else that we are doing in the next few weeks! Keep coming back to hear more stories of what the ESST group is getting up to!

If you have the chance to view this documentary it is highly recommended by the ESST students!

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