Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ESST Community Leadership Recognition Award

Last Wednesday, April 6th, ESST had an end-of-the-year pot-luck supper, closing our first year as an official program. At the supper the ESST Community Leadership Recognition was awarded to Mira Chiasson! This award goes to an ESST student who has demonstrated excellence in learning, and exceptional leadership in contributing to a sustainable community and planet during the past year through community initiatives within Acadia and beyond.

This year, Mira has been an unsung leader as she led by example. Mira is, “a hard working and dedicated student who takes a huge interest in ESST and is passionate about everything we have done this year.” Along with this, Mira is an amazing listener, a skill that often goes unappreciated but is highly valuable.

Mira will be a co-events coordinator next year for the ESST Student Society and with her creative mind will help to continue building the momentum of our program!

Congratulations Mira! This recognition is well deserved!

Posted by Megan Della

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