Friday, January 25, 2013

Halifax Lung Association: Runway Run

Here at the Acadia Environmental and Sustainability Studies blog, our aim is to keep you updated on anything and everything that our ESST students are involved in!  Keeping in line with that aim, we would like to offer you a little peek into the experiences of ESST students, Emily Kennedy and Mandy Bunten-Walberg, as they participated in the first ever Runway Run to raise funds for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia.  Here's what they have to say about their involvement with such a great event:

Emily Kennedy

On Sunday, October 28th, I had the unique opportunity to realize one of my dreams. As a runner, every race is special, but I've always wanted to participate in a run that took place on a runway. I'm fairly certain this was because I imagined an event of this type as involving the need to dodge in coming and out going planes. And while I quickly learned that this would not be the case, being able to be a part of this event was something I will always remember. I have participated in several races put on by the Lung Association of Nova Scotia, and each one has inspired me. However, this race was different. For one, it was the first time the Halifax Stanfield International Airport's runway had been open to such an event, but also I shaved a significant amount of time off of my previous personal best, while running alongside a previous recipient of a lung transplant provided in part by the funds raised in these LANS initiatives. Running was my first real sense of community and acceptance, and being able to see first hand the difference something as silly as a 5 km race on a runway can make on a person's life was incredible. My fingers are crossed for a second round next year!

Mandy Bunten-Walberg

I couldn't be more proud to have participated in the first ever Runway Run to help raise money for the Nova Scotia Lung Association! When my roommate, and fellow ESST student, Emily Kennedy, approached me about signing up for the 2012 Runway Run, I was eager to help out a good cause while galloping down a runway.  Unfortunately, in all of my eagerness, I had grossly overestimated my level of physical fitness!  My confidence was soon knocked down a peg or two after we tried to go for several practice runs to get in shape before the big day.  When the day of the race arrived, I dragged myself out of bed in the early hours of the morning (and if you know me, and know how much I love to sleep, you would realize that this was probably far more difficult for me than the run itself!).  Emily and I drove to the Halifax Airport, and shortly after we arrived, more and more contestants began to congregate together.  Despite the chilly winds outside, a buzz of excitement seemed to be in the air.  People were genuinely eager and proud to be a part of such a wonderful event in support of such a worthy cause.  Soon it was time to gather at the starting line.  Emily and I started the race together, keeping a consistent pace throughout.  We ran the whole distance together, and I think that we both were very pleased to have not come in last!  Not only was it a personal achievement to have participated in such an event, but it was also a source of collective hope and empowerment among the 327 contestants who ran together.

Check out this awesome video documenting the 2012 Runway Run!  Need a reason to watch this video?  Well, it just so happens that Emily and Mandy make their acting debuts in it...

Are you interested in learning more about the Lung Association of Nova Scotia?  Check out their website here!

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